720LC  -   Ultracompact Gradient HPLC


The 720LC high pressure liquid chromatographic (HPLC) analyzer incorporates light emitting diode (LED) detector technology and novel mixed mode column technology. This compact and completely self-contained unit operates isocratically or using binary gradients. A low dead volume, directly connected column/detector combination enables users to quickly and easily exchange columns and guard columns without using tools. An integrated mobile phase degasser and column heater contribute toward ensuring consistent chromatographic performance.

The 720LC utilizes mixed-mode column chemistry,  a powerful new technique for separating molecules that have a wide spectrum of physical and chemical properties. The AmazeTM  column series have two or more modes of interaction that exist simultaneously and can be  controlled by mobile phase selection. Using bi-, tri- and quad modal interaction mechanisms enables a single stationary phase to be used for a much wider range of applications when compared with conventional mono-modal reverse-phase, ion-exchange or HILIC techniques. Simultaneous analysis of polar, non-polar, ionizable, neutral, organic and inorganic compounds is possible using mixed-mode columns, significantly  reducing the number of methods required for analysis of components in complex mixtures.