Other Aromatics
720GC Rapid Natural Gas Analyzer 
  • C1-C6+ in 60

  • Automated Liquid & Gas Sample injection options

  • FID/TCD/HPMS Detection

  • Safe on-demand ultrapure hydrogen/air supply

Detecting and Quantifying BTEX and other Aromatic Compounds - Volatile aromatic compounds including benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene (BTEX) occur naturally in crude oil and seawater near natural gas and other hydrocarbon deposits. Manmade BTEX sources include chemical manufacturing, vehicle emissions, accidental spills and underground storage tank leaks into soil and groundwater. BTEX monitoring is performed by laboratory gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other standard methods. These instruments are large, complex, and require specialist maintenance. This has restricted deployment of these instruments for the analysis of BTEX compounds at chemical production facilities and spill sites.

Overlaid 720GC BTEX and Napthalene 1-250ppm calibration standard traces for extracted 78, 92, 106 and 128 m/z single ions